Positive Retention Circulation System

positive-retention-circulation-mixing-system-passiveThis patented system (patent # 6,237,629) is designed to let your single piped water storage tank perform as a double piped system.

Water is put into your tank through an extended fill pipe and is discharged through check valves near the bottom.

This system provides a number of positive actions:

  • Reduces or eliminates tank sweating and consequently reduces mold growth and dirt accumulation. Exterior coating life is extended.
  • Reduces ice build up inside the tank, preserves interior coating life and reduces other interior ice damage.
  • Circulates water in the tank and reduces thermal stratification, which minimizes the probability of bad water samples by increasing chlorine retention time and stabilization of chlorine residuals.

This positive retention circulation system is at it’s best in standpipes and ground storage reservoirs but it is adaptable to and beneficial in most water storage facilities. It is maintenance free and involves no actual operational costs.