Portable Pressure Water Storage

hydro-pneumatic-tankMost one-tank systems are forced to operate on pressure bypass valves while tank repairs are being made. This results in a large electric bill, excessive pump wear, a tremendous waste of water (particularly at night), low or no pressure at times of peak demand and no reserve for fire protection.

These and other problems caused by water being dumped on streets and in road ditches can be minimized or completely eliminated by using properly sized and located portable pressure tanks. All systems that operate on pressure switches can easily be operated with properly sized pressure tanks while the elevated storage tank or standpipe is off line for renovation. When a storage tank needs to be taken out of service, due to structural or sanitation problems, portable tanks can efficiently fill the gap while emergency repairs are being made.

Tomcat Consultants has portable hydro-pneumatic potable water storage tanks available. The tank sizes range from 1000 to 25,000 gallon capacity. They are reconditioned with NSF approved epoxy inside and out, and are suitably piped to quickly hook on line with most water systems.

The size tank needed is determined by residential population and hook ups to be served. If the need is for general use it usually takes 7.5 to 10 gallons per person. If industrial use is to be considered or any instance where there is heavy water demand, storage capacity should be 15% of average daily consumption, or more.