powerMIX Active Mixing System

powermix-logopowermix-active-storage-tank-mixing-system-largeSome storage tanks do not have an adequate turnover of water needed to make a passive mixing system operate properly. powerMIX is an active system which is electrically powered and provides mixing any time it is needed. The powerMIX system combats thermal stratification and icing problems regardless of the storage tank’s fill cycles. It is suitable for both standpipes and elevated leg tanks.

A float positions a mixing nozzle on the surface of the water column. A flexible hose connects a circulation pump to this mixing nozzle through which the coldest water from the bottom of the storage tank is pumped directly to the very top of the water column. Placing the coldest water on top of the warmest water not only cools this uppermost water directly, but also sets up powerful convection currents within the tower providing a mixing synergy.

Our competitors attempt to mix a storage tank using a jet or impeller that sits at the bottom of the tank. However, thermal stratification takes place at the top of the water column, so rather than trying to influence this thermally stratified water from a distance, the powerMIX system provides a direct pathway for cooler water to mix with the warm water at the top of the storage tank.

All electrical components of the powerMIX system are housed externally from the storage tank allowing for easy ground level servicing of components while the tank is still in service. The powerMIX system is easily installed with minimal tank downtime.


The effectiveness of the powerMIX system was field verified using a data logger and temperature sensing network after installing this system in a standpipe water storage tank. After allowing time for the storage tank to become thermally stratified, the powerMIX system was activated and the results were as shown.